Sunday, November 23, 2008

Client Project

I have learned that working with team members that are athletes it is hard to get coordinating schedules to have meetings. The best thing about this project has been meeting new people and learning about the waterski team. The biggest challenge with this project has been communication with the waterski team. Not being able to get them to respond to emails on time has really messed us up in getting our work in on time because we did not have enough information. Our group has been working really well together and I dont know what to do differently the next time I have a group project.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


When I think of miscommunication in the workplace I think of this one time my boss sent someone to tell another person to tell me that I was needed to check on a sick horse in the middle of the night. By the time the message got back to me the message was that I needed to make sure the horses were fed in the barns before I left for the day. I was called in the middle of the night by the farm manager who was wondering why I hadnt called her with updates yet. Nothing bad happened because of this miscommunication but my boss thought that I was being a slacker when she should have been the one to tell me herself what she wanted me to do. If she would have told me herself in the first place then there would have been no miscommunication.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mock Interview Reflection

My mock interview went quite well I think. I was very nervous but Mrs Rogers said that she could not tell that I was nervous. Allthough I was nervous, I feel like I overcame it by knowing that I knew what I was talking about so I could not go wrong. She asked some questions that I always fear someone is going to ask me in an interview and that was the question about describing myself. I hate doing that because I never know what to say. But this time it seemed to come easy. I think the more I do stuff like these mock interviews and real interviews, the easier it gets to talk about myself.

If I could do the interview again, I might answer some of the questions with a little more detail, but I feel like I did the best that I could without having prior knowledge of the questions that were going to be asked. This experience has taught me to be prepared for any type of question that can be asked of myself. I have learned that just being myself and being calm helps me to get through the nervousness and I can actually do a great job.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Class Presentations

This week we listened to classmates give their presentations. The first one i liked was done by Kyle Carver. He did his on beef and why you should eat it. I like the idea of telling people that they need to eat more meat because it is good for you and it tastes good. He also had really good pictures of cows. The second one that I liked was Emily's on how to show a dairy cow. I have always enjoyed cows but never knew how to show them. I enjoyed listening to her talk about her showing experiences and demonstrating how to show the cows. The last one that I liked was by Cassidy. I love dogs and I have the same feelings towards adopting and fostering that she does. I fostered dogs every week last summer for Petsmart and I really enjoyed it. i think that everyone should foster or adopt a dog atleast once in their lifetime.

Stop Animal Cruelty

We are allowed to write about whatever we wanted to this week so I am going to write about animal cruelty. Many people do not know about what most people do to their pets. People fo out and get dogs, cats, horses, or any other kind of animal to have as a pet. They are all excited about it when they first get it and then as time goes by they lose interest in the animal. This leads to neglect. This is a horrible way for an animal to live its life. I think it is one of the most cruel things you can do to an animal. Leaving pets out to fend for themselves when they are chained up or left in a cage all the time is wrong. Animals need love and care, food, and clean water. This is found alot more with dogs and horses than with cats because cats can usually take care of themselves if they can escape from confinement. Horses are hurt the most from people who own them and dont know how take care of them. Horses need something to eat all the time to remain healthy. Most people dont know that. Its a shame that not all animals in this world can have a loving home with people that take care of them. Animal cruelty is a crime and it should be stopped. That is why I want to be an animal cop.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cover Letter Tutorial

This tutorial helped me out ALOT! I did not understand what was needed on the cover letter before I read this tutorial. I agreed with most of the advice that was given. However I did not like the fact that they say to handwrite your P.S. That just seems to me that that would be a turn off because something was handwritten on your cover letter to your resume. I feel like companies would find it unprofessional. But thats just what I think.

The most useful part of the tutorial for me was the part that talked about making it meet the companies needs and not your own. I thought that the cover letter was supposed to talk about me. I did not know that I had to write about how I can make their company better. The PS idea is a good one too but not handwritten. I would type it. I think that it would still get their attention. I also did not know that putting a cover letter on a mass sent resume would not help at all. So I feel that these tutorials were a great idea, otherwise I would not be getting a job.

Job Interview Articles

The first article that I read was titled "How to Deal with Interview Stress". I read this one because I am the worst when it comes to interviews. I hate being interviewed because it makes me a nervous wreck and I do not know what to say. This article helped me by preparing me to deal with my preinterview stress and the nervousness that comes during the interview. The second article that I read was titled "Phone Interviews: How to Get Called Back". I read this article because I will most likely be dealing with alot of phone interviews because I will be looking for jobs all over the country and will not be able to go to every state that I apply for a job to get to an interview. This article taught me how to prepare for phone interviews and what to do while I am being interviewed. It also told me where to go to keep distractions to a minimum because I am easily distracted while I am on the phone.